Apr 11, 2011

I'm such a punk

I put the little pill under my tongue and hope for the best
It can't fix everything
Loneliness and anger will always have their say
Why did he do this
Why do I make myself into a martyr
Why do I still bother
I'm the one alone
I'm the one hurt
Listening to Miller's Angels

" I want you to leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me alone"

I HATE that I think like I do and in such circles and so fast

Apr 9, 2011

Lil man

Apr 8, 2011


I'm simmering blackberry sauce for a storebought angel food cake. Why am I bothering? I'm reading about Nazi Germany and Ivy is waiting for me to come watch Big (remember that one?) and I am stalling for an unknown reason.
 Aidyn is asleep and Jeff is at a party. He got a job. I went to the store. I came back to a mohawk that quickly changed to a shaved head. We lost a hippy-headed member of the household today. I hate it.
If I don't go stir the sauce, it will gel.....

Apr 7, 2011

Old Poetry...

I think clearer,
In the muggy breeze,
The fading of blue in sky.
Do I call on the rain?
For truly it follows closely,
Behind my discontent.
I've concealed qualities,
Which I'll give no power,
By assigning names.
Names too often,
Repeated in brain,
But dare not speak
directly of.
If I am to become,
A trinket,
I'll be the brightest,
The most adored.
But, the melancholy...
How to end it?
These clouds, so near,
so often.
She calls the wind,
To see if it will remember her.
When she fails to thank it,
For soft embraces,
Will it still love her,
And blow her hair?