Feb 2, 2010

Lindsay and Ivy's Sunday

This is the post that would have been published yesterday, but, well, yesterday really sucked.
I had been promising Ivy we would make terrariums and Sunday seemed like a great day to have some one on one time with her before she went to school for the week.
We collected some jars and some charcoal and some crushed shell..

We went to my neighbors house (not the mean ones) that borders some woods and started looking for moss..

I snapped some pretty pictures of the moss growing on the roots of a pine tree..

Ivy decided to be really silly for a picture..

Then for some strange reason she started to shake a small tree back and forth. It was cute and she was having fun being silly with her mom...

We looked and looked and found some pretty peices of lush green 'carpet'..

We washed the extra dirt off in a puddle of cold water...

Look Ivy!

Then we sat down and started to put them together.

Ivy was doing a very good job and really focusing..lol

We're finished!

aren't they beautiful!

We really had a good time. They are sitting on our kitchen table now as it is too cold I think to put them in the windows. All the greenery has survived so far and I hope they continue to grow. I read online to put activated charcoal in them to prevent a rotten smell, so we'll see. I haven't seen any little critters in them so far and I didn't add any pesticide as that kind of went against the whole 'natural' thing.
Soon, we plan to make some little decorations out of clay and stick them inside. Mushrooms or little acorn houses perhaps?
We'll see what we come up with and I'll be sure to post pictures of our whimsical little terrariums once we finish.
Oh, and one more thing.. I LOVE this girl! She's given me some of the best years of my life and I'm sure there will be more to come. She gave me something to live for, to heal for, when I lost Zoe and she gives me hope everyday. I look at her and know that I can and have brought a healthy baby safely from my womb to this earth.
I was so young when I had her, but I always worked hard to nuture her and give her a happy childhood. This girl reminds me that I have done a good job. My sacrifices have been trivial compared to the lovely little girl that I have the pleasure of raising into a beautiful woman.
I love my Ivy!


Lea said...

Such beautiful moments, Lindsay. Glad you enjoyed your Sunday with your little girl. She is beautiful and looks so much like her Mama!


Mary said...

That is such a cool project. I love the silly picture.

margaret said...

She's gorgeous Lindsay and what a fantastic smile. Lea's right, she looks so very much like you. Looks like you two had a blast with your cool project.

Penny said...

She is definitely your little clone. Looks like she had fun with you.

Anonymous said...

What a precious one-on-one time. Her silly picture made me laugh... You are a fantastic mom and I'm sure she'll always cherish those memories.

Can't wait to see what happens with the terrarium.


Bree said...

You are such a fun, hands on mom. Your daughter is beautiful.

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

what a great idea! moss is so pretty!