Dec 8, 2008

Lucy and I in LaLa.. (random rants)

This is Lucy (I will be referring to her very shortly).

I am laying in bed, blogging and listening to Enigma (I know, very 1995, but who cares?) Lucy is napping close by (BTW, Lucy is my border collie/best friend). I need to get out of the house, but ,well you know..
I struggle with anxiety and depression, (like half the rest of the world). This blog was created to help me very honest with myself, and try to work out this rut I find in my life. Maybe I should tell you some things about myself, I'll do this in list form as I am not blog savvy (and doubt I will be for a while...bear with me)
I have a six year old little girl, and a baby girl in heaven.
I have been divorced...twice
I have always believed in God, but I have run from, hidden from, and blamed Him from time to time. Basically I am far from perfect.
I have a Father that delights in me despite my sins, and wipes away my tears. I don't have to hate myself, b/c Jesus took my sins far away and His Father holds me in his hands.
I have always had allot of animals, but now that I've bought my own's resembling a zoo.
My daughter has my personality, and it's so adorable and terrifying.
I'm an artist. I work for a re-modeling company right now (until I get my degree in interior design). That's right...I have a tool belt.
I have R.A., and I struggle with pain medications.
Whew! That's enough to roll around in your heads for now. I understand if you decide to leave now...but for those who want to join us, or just stick around, I assure you God has good in store. It's the beginning of a journey, and my ventures have never been boring =)


Carly said...

It sounds like you have lived quite a life! Honesty is awesome and God loves you to be honest. I love that you wrote that you want to be a better example for your daughter. I do too :) I feel like I have such a massive responsibility to raise my girls as women with values. I just pray I do it right!

I think your blog will be an adventure to read :)

Looking forward to reading again :)

Much Love Carly x

Madame Squid said...

I KNOW!! I used to be so selfish in believing that my decisions affected only me. Now I realize that being an example is the best way to teach our babies. (But it also means we have to let them see how we fix it when we mess up) That's the hardest part for me. I want her to think I'm perfect (don't we all)