Oct 2, 2009


I just awoke from the deepest sleep I've had in a long time. You were there, and you were there too. Actually me an Angie were in an Australian mall with Carly and Scarlett and River, which was more like a theme park with water slides and the like, mixed in with small stores and cafes. ANyWAy, it was one of those long interrupted dreams with a thousand strange details that leaves you, upon waking, wondering what world you belong to. It takes a minute to get re-acclimated.
I woke up freezing. Oh yeah, it's that time of year. Go to make coffee. Damn, can't have coffee. How am I going to break out of this haze now? All I can think about is going to Starbucks for a caramel latte, oh wait, make that a salted caramel hot chocolate..uugh. I'm also trying to talk myself out of going back to the same Chinese restaurant I got take-out from yesterday, and ordering the exact same thing today. It feels excessive. I still want it though. Come to think of it, my sock drawer stash is empty. I can't live without chocolate. I think I'll google caffeine content in all of my favorite chocolate today and find what I can have.
Look at me giving myself reasons to get out of the house. I think I'll go out then, but I'll make it quick. I feel strange and sarcastic. I need to wash clothes and I want to work on a pair of bluebirds I'm making. I'll try, but today just screams 'lazy day'.


Catherine W said...

Hope you find a chocolate that you can have. You have my sympathy, I need my chocolate too. xo

Lea said...

The dream sounds blissful!

Go for the chocolate.... a little won't hurt at all.


margaret said...

Ok, that's it. I am sending you some chocolate from up here that you can't get down there...it'll be our secret. Hugging you!!!

Tina said...

I hope you had your lazy day. We all need them once in a while! xx

Mary said...

I was just wishing I had a way to go down under to meet Carly. She is truly an inspiration.

Hope you can find a way to settle the chocolate and coffee fiend.