Feb 11, 2010

Gotta hurry..

I am SO tired and I have another full day today. I saw the MFM yesterday. I tested positive for two of the seven clotting disorders they tested for. My little boy is 2lbs,8 oz and I saw him in 4-d. He has Kenny's nose but otherwise looks just like Ivy. He had his foot on his forehead, on the bridge of his nose. He stuck his tongue out at us and we got a picture of that. This doctor was very sympathetic when I explained my fear of the cesarean. I told him in detail what happened when Zoe was born and I explained how terrified I am to be cut while aware. He offered to deliver the baby, in my town under general anesthesia even though he rarely delivers babies anymore. We're actually going to try to do the cesarean while awake with a promise for anti-anxiety meds to be on standby and injected as soon as the baby is out. This way, I'll get to see the baby, and know he's ok, but be relaxed enough to let them complete a tubal litigation and sew me up. If the anxiety meds aren't strong enough, he'll sedate me, but it won't be a general anesthetic. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I feel like there are a few people who don't want me to go through any unnecessary trauma, and these people have offered to have my care transferred to them.
Today I go to the old fart doctor the the glucose test and then back to the MFM to see if they are going to transfer my care to them (for sure) and to learn to inject myself with the Levenox I will be taking now daily. Fun.
I'm planning a big nap this afternoon and Ivy's dad has offered to keep her tonight so that I can sleep in tomorrow, but now I have to get myself ready to drive to another city and drink the sugar water before driving back to my own city to the MFM all the while praying and hoping that he actually decides to deliver this baby. If so I will sign the transfer papers today.
So, yeah, I feel better, I'm just tired and I can't quite relax with these things still up in the air.
I better get going. Oh, and it's snowing outside. Living in Louisiana, you don't get snow very often. Usually you don't even see it once in a few years. This is the second time this year!


Anonymous said...

Lindsay, I am so glad you feel better. And you seem to have found a really nice doctor, who actually listens to your concerns and fears. Even though I'm confused with the abbreviations, everything just sounds fine... (ew, beside the needle-part). Can't wait to meet the little one.

Enjoy the snow... we had another load, too and because the city ran out of salt, the streets are uncleared and it's quite the mess outside. Perfect for a mommy-night for yourself... enjoy it!


Catherine W said...

Glad you got to see your little boy Lindsay and that you've found a sympathetic doctor. I hope he does decide to deliver your son.

Hope you enjoy your nap and your lie in tomorrow morning x

Mary said...

Glad that your concerns were taken care of. And praying that you continue to have good vibes sent your way. Keeping you in my prayers.

Tina said...

I am happy to hear that you are felling a little better. Don't worry about the Lovenox injections, I do them too and they are not that bad once you get use to it. Drive safely!! xx

margaret said...

Oh God Lindsay, I'm SO glad that they tested you for clotting. Heparin was the ONLY way I carried Lorelei and Calvin and Georgia to live births. Once you get used to the shots, they are a piece of cake, I could inject myself anywhere, many times it was in the car on the way to appointments in order to keep the correct time between dosing. Ask your doctor if they will put you on baby aspirin as well. While the heparin prevents clotting, the aspirin will thin your blood. I take one 81mg aspirin every day and will have to for the rest of my life. Fortunately the clotting only seems to be an issue for me while pregnant and hopefully will stay that way. You're in my thoughts hon, I'm hoping and praying that everything continues to go well for you and baby. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hello, as you may already noted I am fresh here.
Hope to get some assistance from you if I will have some quesitons.
Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)

Bree said...

All good news, Lindsay. Happy to hear it. Sending good, happy vibes to you and baby boy.

Jennifer Ross said...

I hope that all your wishes will be done. It's your birth and your baby. The doctor should respect that, and it sounds like he will be doing what you want. Praying.

Anonymous said...
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