Jan 25, 2009

At least..

Something has been messing with my heart lately. I've come across this, in reading blogs and in conversations with people. Why are we constantly comparing ourselves to other people, proclaiming,"at least we don't (use your imagination) like so and so."? Why do we feel that as long as we are not as bad as we perceive someone else to be, we are more righteous?
To me, this is only another way to judge. Everyone that is saved, is only made pure by the grace of God, not our own actions. Jesus hung out with prostitutes and lepers. He understood what we go through and that we sin, and all He wants is for us to come to Him and be made clean; to lean on Him and trust His will. Why can't we be the ones, willing to not judge others, only help and be willing to forgive. I know I need forgiveness, and I know that we are called to forgive others as well.

Truthfully, I'm hurting today. People have said mean things. I've been blamed for my daughter's death (via e-mail), by people who never cared about me or her. It shouldn't hurt me, it's only Satan, trying to take my peace of mind. Then it makes me angry. Angry at them for their actions, and angry at myself, for letting it hurt. Adversity is hard to handle. I should thank God for it. It helps me to remain close to Him.
When you think about it, Jesus was very misunderstood. All kinds of people mocked and accused Him. He simply replied,"Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do."

I can forgive, it's the 'letting go' that gets me...


mel said...

I found you through Carly.and I love this post! I'm sorry you've been hurt by what others have said. The devil is good at what he does....just remember you have Jesus on your side and he's already WON! :) I agree the "letting go" part is super hard...Praying for you and I hope your day and week gets better!

Take Care, Mel

boltefamily said...

I am so sorry others feel the need to hurt you and I can relate. I get lots of that at my blog too. I will be praying for you! I am so sorry for your loss.