Feb 19, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday's

This is a part of the Riggs family blog, and I posted my link, so here I go! Be sure to check out their blog as well and pray for Abby. Abby is theur adopted daughter from Guatemala and she is in chemo for a VERY aggressive form of luekemia. That girl is so precious. I will post a list of the blogs I follow (when I figure out how) and you can go from there.
My 'high' was being led and able to pray for others this week. I felt so spiritually detatched lately, but I still felt led to pray. I met a sweet new babylost mommy (Ruth) who is struggling with the intense grief that accompanies losing our precious children. I shudder to think of the new mom's joining this 'club' every day. I pray for peace, I pray for healing.
When I am led to pray in this way, I am reminded that no matter how I feel, God is still using me for His glory, even if it is to utter a tiny prayer amidst all the noise.

My 'low' for this week would have definately been when the main pipe of my house busted. I was in the bath, and it was cloudy outside. I closed my eyes and listened to the rain. I finally decided to get out, and when I tried to brush my teeth, there was no water. No rain either, just a front yard that looked more like a lake, and me naked and helpless. I had no water till the next afternoon, when K sent a plumber over to fix it.
All better now!