Feb 26, 2009


I will breathe deeply. I will be quiet and find peace. I'll look between the blades of grass and up into the sky. The sky is God's personal canvas and I am always so amazed. I will wear my long paisley skirt, and forget my shoes, like I used to. I will be kind. I will water and talk to all my plants. I will throw the ball to Lucy and Otis, and watch them play. I will kiss my kitties on their noses and whisper 'I love you'. I will dance when no one's watching and keep a song on my lips. I will listen for God's gentle whisper. I will not analyze, I will not question. I will welcome the breeze on my face, and feel it through my hair. I will smile and laugh. I will rest, and not worry. Today, I just have to be who God made me...free.