Sep 3, 2011


Helping me raise my children, made him feel guilty about the situation with his son.
I can't have another child...
 Two of these are reasons Jeff decided he didn't know if he could be with me. He said his feelings changed after seeing his little boy so excited about his ex wife's new baby. We stuck it out a week after he decided he had these feelings. I thought everything was going to be ok. He got drunk last night and showed his true colors. The fact that I stood beside him didn't matter. He said I was selfish and never made his problems a bigger priority than my own. I took him to his mother's in the middle of the night. All he took with him was the rest of his beer.....and a part of my heart.

There is no 'maybe' we'll get back together, it's the real thing, it's over.

(Feel free to comment however you like, just please don't bash Jeff. I am so, so angry by how blind he is and how bad I am hurting but I don't want ugly things said as I do, unfortunately, love him.)


skytimes said...

Of course you love him. And I bet my butt he loves you too. I'm really sorry things didn't work out (can't help but to silently insert a "maybe they'll get back together") for you guys. Thinking of you... always there for you.

Sending much love! xoxo

Catherine W said...

Well, like skytimes, you know that I want to silently insert a "maybe they'll get back together" for you and Jeff. You guys looked so happy together and I'm so sorry that things aren't working out.
It must be very difficult to resolve all the issues with your children (yours and Jeff's) and also the fact that you can't have a child together, so heartbreaking and complicated.
Thinking of you xo

Tina said...

So sorry Lindsay...sending lots of love your way. xo

bir said...

Awww hun, I'm sorry that things are the way they are :*(... I have nothing to say to make it better, but I'm sending you plenty of the hugest hugs I have <3 xxx

Penny said...

So sorry you're hurting. Things are never "easy" in a relationship, but when you both have children from previous relationships, it's infinitely more complicated. I think my husband felt guilty, too, about raising my girls while he couldn't raise his own. At least Larry's were in the same town and he got them regularly. I wish Jeff could see his son more often~ that might have helped.
Anyway, no bashing from me. Things are hurtful enough without that anyway. Just sorry for all of you.