Jan 17, 2010


The energy and interest in finishing my mobile isn't there at the moment.
This little boy seems to be trying to show me he's ok. He's been kicking very often and it eases my mind (some). I read online that a sick baby will become listless and not move much.
I am reading The Host, by Stephanie Meyer. I don't think I mentioned that I read the entire Twilight series over four days around Christmas. Someone gave me the first two before the holidays so I went from swearing I wouldn't ever read them to devouring them in a few sittings. Silly me..
Books seem to be the only thing that can hold my attention for more than a few minutes.


Lea said...

Been thinking of you, Linds... nice to hear from you

My girlfriend gave me Twilight for my b-day... she has been bugging me for months to "get into it"... just not interested. You may have peaked my interest!

Catherine W said...

Glad to hear that your little one is nice and active. Surely that has to be a good sign?

I also swore I wouldn't read the Twilight books but I read all of them whilst J was in hospital and The Host shortly after she came back home. I found them a good distraction. Thinking of you xo

margaret said...

How precious Lindsay. I miss those kicks and rolls. I loved being pregnant and feeling my babies kicking knowing that they were alive and well inside me. Thinking of you honey and glad to hear you are doing okay. I too have been tempted to read the Twilight series but having been such an Ann Rice fan for years, it almost seems disloyal to LeStat...Lol. Hugging you sweet girl

Anonymous said...

lov you baby

Mary said...

I miss those movements. It was a reassuring moment of life growing within me. I used to read a lot. My favorite author could not publish books fast enough. Now I am so far behind it feels like I have way too much to catch up on.