Jan 14, 2010

Two hours..

In two hours, I will more than likely find out if I am carrying a little boy baby or a little girl.
Around this time with Zoe, I went for one of the many ultrasounds I had with her, and they informed me she had an echogenic focus. They told me it was probably nothing (nothing?!) or something that would resolve itself before birth, don't worry they said. Yeah right.
They sent me to a fetal heart specialist, who told me he wasn't concerned, but couldn't explain what it actually was. Great, thanks doc..
It turned out to be nothing, I supposed and was told, as when she was born, her heart was one of her strongest organs.
I still wonder if that little white glitch on the ultrasound screen, didn't have something to do with the tragic way my daughter came into this world.

So, here's hoping that only little girl or boy parts get attention today. (Why my 'high risk' doctor only gives his patients two scans in forty weeks is beyond me)


-clevergirl said...

I can't wait to hear your update, I am hoping all is perfect with your little one. **HUG**

Jennifer Ross said...

I'm so excited to hear what that sweet little babe is!!!!

You and baby are in my prayers Lindsay.

Jill said...

I am so excited and cannot wait to hear!

Missing Kasey said...

Can't wait to hear what you are having and that he or she looks great!
I made my blog private, email me if you'd like to read it :)


Mary said...

Are you back yet?