Mar 18, 2009

Just a quick post to say,"Good Morning!!". I have been painting all week and have almost finished two works. I've been delving into portraits, and I really think my first one turned out great considering how much I've always loathed painting the human form.
I feel like I've turned a new leaf in my style, using acrylics like watercolors, and coming up with some awesome effects.
K has not left for out of town yet. They pushed back the date (imagine that) so he's working at the airport at the moment, wiring security cameras. I like it when K stays in town, with me :), but I feel stronger now, and less nervous, so I'm confident that I'll be just fine when he does have to go. (I've always been fine on my own, till Zoe died. Now I have my moments)
L.O.'s seventh birthday is approaching VERY soon. I am going to suprise her at school Friday, by showing up at her class with balloons and cupcakes, then take her to a party at my mother's after school. Her father and I decided to do her birthday seperate this year. Easy on us, and great for her. What kid could not love two parties, plus a small one at school?
Then, it's her father's weekend to have her, and I will have a little break and K will not be at work :)
I miss everyone, and I hope you all have a blessed and peaceful day. I'm off to pay the car note, then to Hobby Lobby for a canvas and cupcake supplies.
Peek of the new painting coming a little later...check back..


Anonymous said...

Glad you're paintiing again - can't wait to see the works!

Jennifer Ross said...

Your paintings are so unique! I am excited to see a new one.