Mar 21, 2009

Oh my, I have 'painter's' block AHHH! I want to paint and I have materials. I have FINISHED two and have one blank canvas. A blank canvas is almost as precious to me as a finished one. So much possibility. It's getting hard to only paint personal things knowing I would have/want/need to let them go. Perhaps I should only think about the tasks at hand, not where they will end up. I suppose I'll deal with that when I'm there, about 11 paintings away...sigh. I posess the artist temperament (google it!) and I drive myself nuts!
Today is L.O.'s birthday! She is SEVEN! I can hardly believe how fast that time goes. Yesterday I took her cupcakes at school, and took her home early.
Then I took her to my parents home to 'eat dinner', but instead I had set up a suprise party for her early in the day. My parents ordered pizza and K's parents and his niece came as well as my sister and her son. She was SO suprised and happy, and it was the cheapest most relaxing party I have ever had for her. I will post pictures as soon as I get them from my mom. K?
She spent the night at her father's and will be there all weekend. I get a break! Tonight, I'm going back to my roots. There is a live music show downtown, where ALL of my old band friends and kids I grew up with will be. I haven't been out in FOREVER. I'm in the mood today for my flowy hippy dresses and may very well wear one out as yesterday was the first official day of Spring! I love Springtime. Summer's here are miserable and humid and HOT, but spring is just so perfect and new and cleansing.
I'm looking foward to tonight, and I the closest I've felt to excitement lately is anxiety so I hope all goes well. I believe I may have a drink or two, discuss random nonsense and maybe get some inspiration and paint in the late morning tomorrow.
I hope everyone else has a blessed and fun day. At least today, don't forget to breathe.
Love Lindsay


Lea said...

Hi Lindsay,

I just came across your blog and wanted to tell you how sorry I am that you are experiencing this horrendous pain. We are only 4 months into our journey and taking it one day at a time.

Zoe-Beth is just gorgeous.


Ruth said...

Enjoy! Breathe. SO proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, "Little One"!


Lindsay said...

Thank you so much Nilia ;)

Lindsey's mom said...

I found your blog through the Riggs blog. I am sorry for the loss of your baby. We lost our daughter (age 8) almost 3 1/2 years is so hard....
God Bless