Dec 14, 2009

See It's not so bad..

I'm sure you've all seen my sad posts and lack of posts and imagined me on the couch, arms crossed having very Grinchlike thoughts.
This is all mostly true. I even put the Grinch theme song on my cell, so now every time I get a call I listen to...Your a mean one..Mr.Grinch...
So, yeah, you get the drift. Christmas is coming and I haven't been feeling it.
This morning however, I shook off the scrooge dust and got to work.
I dusted, swept, vacuumed, mopped, ran laundry AND...made cookies!
I have an older neighbor who used to actually be my boss, whose wife went down south for Christmas with her family right around the time he came down with pneumonia.
So, yeah, while these are certainly not professional, they're bound to at least make him chuckle. They're glazed first, then decorated...sugar rush inevitable.

(I bought green and red swirl cookie icing. Bad idea. Green and red make brown)
I feel a bit lighter now having done something a bit festive, and now I'm having a burst of energy.
I believe I'll take advantage of it and look up a good recipe for Italian meatballs and get them baking. I can feel the bathtub calling and the energy spurt waning.
I better hurry.
Everyone that may be waiting on any sort of mail from me, please know it's coming. I have not forgotten The days have gotten away from me and the funds are in the red. I'm really sorry, really.
I'm off now..xo


Lea said...

So cute, Linds! You're right, chuckle guaranteed.


Donna said...

Love the cookies!

Jennifer Ross said...

...if only I could reach into the computer and grab one of those...mmmm

niobe said...


stumbull said...

Love the cookies glad to see you in a good mood. I just gave you a blog award. You can head over to my blog to get it.

Catherine W said...

Those cookies are so cute!
You are so clever Lindsay.

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

loved your cookies
and so sad to hear about your zoe
try to enjoy it the holiday that is fro the rest of the family LOL
how and what is the 25 giveaways that you did in december??