Mar 24, 2009

Good Morning!

It's right before eight a.m. off to school and K and I are playing with Lucy. Well, he is, I'm obviously typing. The window is open and the breeze is blowing. Rain is on it's way and I feel very calm. I spent time with my Father this morning, and it was what I needed.
YES, Ruth, I still have 'painter's block :( That's about right though; I write down ideas for a year, then pick up my paint brush and change my entire style, forcing me into different ideas. I've been thinking about painting an octopus. I've had two (yes, as pets) and I LOVE them. They are the smartest invertebrate and cephalopods have the fastest camouflage reflex of ANY animal. They are amazing. I'll stop there, as you will begin to realize what a HUGE dork I am.
As far as my night Saturday, I don't know what to say, I did have a good time out though. I will just state a few facts.
I drank too much
Death metal is SO not my thing but all the people that I grew up around play in those type bands.
One of our friends got kicked out for 'threatening' the lead singer of a known death metal band. (that was kinda funny. Imagine this big singer guy, dressed in all black, spiky armbands angry scowl on his face, you get the picture, running up to the club owner and whining about 'threats' that probably never occurred. My friend was a huge fan!?)
We left early (1:45 a.m.)
I had to get K (designated driver) to pull over and while I was 'letting it out', I kept stopping to tell everyone in the car,"It's ok, I'm a soldier!,"
(I don't know about you, but that part was funny to me the next day)
My friend Kayla (see pick in post below) ended up bleeding via an angry accident with her boyfriend.
I was too out of it to help her.
K and I spent the whole next day on the couch,
BTW, I know that this was not the most appropriate way to spend my free time. I only USE to go out like this. Saturday was for old times sake only, and probably the last time.
Enough about Saturday night now K? My next venture out will be to a nice park or something ;)
Well, Ivy had a great weekend with her dad and we were happy to have her back home yesterday.
I need to go shower now as K has some work to go out and do, and I have promised to go with him.
Have a blessed day!