Jun 25, 2009

Guilty until proven innocent...

This has become a busy week. Most of the chaos has been for a good variety of typical family events, but today my dear friends, that is NOT the case.
I have court today. I have been dreading this for a month, and it infuriates me that I have to get a babysitter, use my gas, and sit in a courthouse or they come to arrest me.
"Oh, Lindsay! What have you done?"....Well, nothing actually.
Let me go back if I may:

Last month, I came home and found a note on my door instructing me to call a certain law inforcement official. I could not imagine why the police had been at my house, and I was suddenly afraid that perhaps something happened to someone in my family and became a bit frantic and called.
The man that answered explained that nothing was wrong really, but that he had to come to my house to serve me with a supeona to court. He refused to tell me why on the phone.
So, I'm sitting in my home, waiting for the police to serve me papers to come to court. I was a bit anxious, and could not imagine anything I had done that was illegal.
Anyway, the charge was 'Dumping in city limits'. Whoa...HUH?
Let me assure you that I would NEVER dump my trash in the street. The two days that this event supposedly transpired, I was riding horses (remember that post?) and the other one, I was at a birthday party with L.O. in MY car.
We load our trashbags into K's truck and drive them (through the country) less than a mile away to a dump...period.
The police person said that a bill of mine was found in a bag of trash dumped on the side of the road in the city. I assured him that we should instead be looking into who's getting a hold of my mail, but he insisted that I had to have dumped it.
Sorry, I just did not. I know where my trash goes and the only answer I have is perhaps when they hauled of the dump bins into the city dump, they dropped a bag?
I dunno, I can't imagine any other scenario. Nonetheless, I am not dressed, I have to leave my house in thirty minutes to plead not guilty and mention that I have NO record of breaking the law and would they please listen to me and not force me to choose between giving them $200 of my hard earned money or going to jail for something I just did not do. This is so unfair. I will be gone for hours.
Times up, I have to get dressed. Wish me luck, or something.
Have you ever felt you we being persecuted?
Have you ever had to do the time, but committed no crime?


Tina said...

Doesn't it sometimes feel like you just can't catch a break? I am sorry you have to deal with this on top of everything else life has thrown at you lately. I wish you the best of luck!!

Linda said...

No, I can't say I ever had to spend time in jail, but I was accused of stealing money from a lady I worked for. It was not true. Anyway, she notified the police, and they wanted me to come into town and talk to them about it. I called my SIL, who is a lawyer, and she told me not to go, because no one can be forced to talk to the police. I called them and told them that 'upon the advice of my attorney, I wouldn't be there.'

I never heard from them again.

I hope all goes well for you today.

Keep us posted.

angie said...

I have the song Alice's restaurant in my head now. Good luck today, Lindsay. What a pain in the butt! Hopefully, it will be easily taken care of...I'll be thinking of you, and sending no fine vibes.

Penny said...

How did it go? Yes, I felt persecuted every time my husband's "lovely" ex took him to court for more money (he was already paying more than required by law) and to try to control his visitation. Thanks to the judge, that worked off and on--- until a female judge took over his seat! (yay for women's lib!!)

Lea said...

boy, sounds like a huge pain in the ass! Sorry, hope all is straightened out.


margaret said...

What a total load of crap...give'm hell Lindsay.

Jennifer Ross said...

I hope that everything gets sorted out for you and you get to walk away free.

Anonymous said...

Sending you some positive energy, noone needs this kind of hassle! Hope it turns out to be a great story you'll tell one day in the (distant) future, you know, when it becomes a "funny" story!


Monique said...

Hrmph. Man, can't the universe cut you some slack? Sending you some strength & love.