Jun 30, 2009

Random fact #3

I hate gender stereotypes.
I can make a lovely dinner and keep house, but I can also change my oil or a tire. I used to work with a construction company doing roof repair and I loved it.
I go fishing off of the coast with my dad and his 'guy' friends, and I've out-fished (is that a word?) all of them at some point.
If someone believes that a girl can't do a certain thing, I'm the first girl who'll try to.


Linda said...

Well, I've changed a tire....hated doing it. I've never changed the oil, but I married a wonderful man who is able to do it.

I guess I do the 'girly' things.

Penny said...

When my youngest daughter was little she wanted HotWheels and racetracks for Christmas. By the sixth daughter, I was okay with buying a few "boy" toys! =)
I had people say, "Did you seriously get her that?!" I replied that, "Yes, and she got barbies, baby dolls, and an Easy Bake oven." She's the most well-rounded of all of our kids---- athletic (girls' basketball and softball-- no football LOL) honor roll, and Christian (Most important!).
I don't have a problem with boys playing with a doll, doll house, or play kitchens. HOWEVER, I DO seriously have a problem with our two grandsons (7 & 5) painting their fingernails and toenails every chance they get to get into their mom's stuff! HA

margaret said...

Me too Lindsay...I worked in a garage for awhile changing oil, mounting, balancing and installing tires....However the one time I did my own tuneup, after over-tightening the valve cover gasket, my car caught on fire and almost burned my house to the ground. LOL Not kidding....You're awesome!!!

angie said...

I love it!

Me too. I love girls. We get to do it all.

caitsmom said...

I do not mow the lawn, but when the mower is broken, it's me who figures out what parts need fixed!!

Monique said...

You rock!