Jun 13, 2009

Random fact #2

In real life (and on-line) I am awkward and scatterbrained. Some people around me think it's cute, other ones, not so much.
It's not an act, I have ten thoughts at a time. Reality gets a little hazy, while sorting through it all.


angie said...

i hear you, sister. a little nutty professor. a little mr. magoo...i would LOVE to stop by for some coffee, and look at your beautiful artwork. i am enjoying your art blog very much.

Lea said...

Oh Lindsay... I get you! I feel like I used to be so organized... now I'm lucky if I remember to get out of bed. This grief takes such a toll.

Your art site is gorgeous. Good luck

Anonymous said...

I used to have a memory...not anymore. Grief takes up so much, it's hard to remember anything else!

Jennifer Ross said...

I have a name for this, "Mommy brain":) I wake up with it daily! LOL

Lynda said...

I'd rather reality be a little hazy than have to actually deal with full reality, upfront and clear.

Larns said...

hahaha thats why my husband married me :) i think its cute too!
Love Larns