Jun 1, 2009

I was nominated!

My dear friend Margaret @ margaretsundone.blogspot.com, nominated me for this award!

I'm to tell you about seven things I love and nominate seven other blogger friends of mine, Well, here goes! (not necessarily in order)

1.)K. He is my strong shoulder to lean on. We've dated once before and grew up in the same neighborhood. Our parents were friends in high school. He knows me better than probably anyone except for my mother. He knows all about the many seasons in my crazy life thus far and loves me anyway. He tells me I'm beautiful every day, whether I feel like I am or not. I would have never believed when I was younger that I would one day marry him. I hope that day comes soon. Today is actually an important anniversary for us!

2.) My daughters.
L.O. is my beautiful first-born. She is kind and sassy (a little too sassy at the moment;) but she brightens my life and I'm proud to be her mommy. She reminds me so much of myself when I was young. She's quite the little artist as well as an honor student.
My Zoe taught me so much about love and life in my short time with her. I miss her terribly. I will never forget how perfect she was and how she was such a fighter. I will be missing a part of me for the rest of my life.

3.) I'll have to agree with Margaret here as I love bodies of water as well. I want to live on the beach one day and feel at peace in the waves. I actually believe I wouldn't need Zoloft if I lived near the ocean.

4.) I am a sucker for baby animals. I've devoted many hours caring for sick birds, bunnies, kittens, really anything helpless and needy.

5.) Sweets. Suckers, cake, chocolate, muffins, waffles you name it. I love candy and baking things. I can be totally stuffed and still manage to eat dessert!

6.)I love to paint (as you well know!) and can spend hours in La La Land (my mind that is) with a brush in my hand. It's usually quite hard to let go of 'my brain babies'.

7.) I love all of you! My blog readers have turned into a wonderful supportive group of people that I thank God for. I laugh with you during your joyful times and cry with you and pray through the storms.
I don't know where I would be in my grief if it wasn't for some of you. So, thank you so much for your comments, your encouragement and prayers and mostly your love.

So, that's my seven things. Now it's time for me to nominate seven of you. And the winners are (drum roll please):

Lea @ nicholastouch.blogspot.com

Natalie @ snarky-belle.blogspot.com

Angie @ stilllifewithcircles.blogspot.com

Mel @ bmcconner.blogspot.com

Carly @ scarletriver26.blogspot.com

Holli @ lifewithoutbrenna.blogspot.com

Larns @ rainessence.blogspot.com

I'm not so great at posting links, so I hope they came out right.
My mom and I had a great time this weekend. That post is coming tomorrow, so check back. Thanks Margaret, that was actually a lot of fun, and I'm glad you nominated me!
XOXO Lindsay


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing & glad you had fun with your mom. I hope you get to live by the ocean one day...

mel said...

Thanks so much for the nomination! I'm actually taking a blog break right now. But when I return, I'd love to do this! I'm really glad you're able to go with your Mom on a get-away. Thank goodness for Moms! Have a blast of a time...Mel xx

margaret said...

I'm so glad you found your nomination...I was supposed to let the people I nominated know but I figured they would find out if they read my blog...LOL. So far, you're the only one to do it. Hugs