Jun 9, 2009

My last words on the 'April Rose' blog.

MANY details have surfaced in regards to this blog being a scam. Advertisers have pulled their ads and issued statements on their blogs. Many people sent them money.

I am only posting this for those who are unaware. I prayed for this family and cried for them and I know MANY of you have to. In Blogher ads alone, she's probably made over $18,000.
I just wanted you to have the oppourtunity to think for yourselves.
I doubt we'll hear any more from B (Beccah) about little April, if she ever existed.
You can google it and find out enough to make you sad.
I had to explain this to L.O. this morning and that was hard to do. She was worried for that baby, and kept asking me if she was still alive. I'm so mad,
and so done with it. I hate to think that we have to look out for this sort of thing. I will continue to pray and let God sort it all out.


Carly Marie said...

I'm furious.

She sent me an email requesting her daughters name to be written. Now looking at her email she stuffed it up.

She said that she was a friend doing this to give to April's mum at her funeral, yet she wrote that it was from April's Mommy.

I am sickened at this.

Kassandra said...

I found your blog through google. I got the tweets that MckMama accidentally sent out last night on my cell phone. Thankfully I never donated a cent to anything that "B" ever promoted. It makes me completely sick that this was all a scam. I feel so incredibly duped by it all. I can't even describe the sense of sadness, betrayal that I feel. This woman truly needs help, and I hope that justice is served in this situation. I'm still very confused about a lot, and don't really ever expect everything to be cleared up, which is unfortunate, because I know it's going to bug me for a long time. *sigh*

Thanks for the information on your blog.

Lacy's Family said...

When I first found saw your blog about April Rose being a fake I was angry. I thought that you were judgemental and I couldn't understand why anyone would accuse "B" of creating such a hoax about a baby. After reading and putting two and two together I finally realized for myself that this was indeed a hoax and a horrible scam. Now I do not understand how anyone could create such a heartbraking scam and play with the minds of so many people. I felt stupid at first that I didn't firgure this out earlier when I first started to question things, but then again, I didn't want to believe that someone would make something like this up. I consider myself smart but boy do I feel like a complete idiot for being taken by this girl. Oh well, she will be the one judged for it.

I read your blog today and was very touched by your attitude on the day of your daughters passing. I can now understand your anger about this blog and her taking so lightly the death of a child. You and every other mother that has lost a child have every right to be angry.

My prayers go out to you for continued peace and comfort.

Jennifer Ross said...

This is the first that I have heard of this blog. I'm glad I wasn't aware, waisting prayers on a doll.

angie said...

Lindsay, thank you for drawing attention to this. It pisses me off that people play on our heart strings, and clearly, she was making money exploiting the losses we experienced. I have been trying to find the information on how this all went down. You are a wonderful person, Lindsay, you give so much of your energy and love to others. I think that is a good quality. I just wish there weren't the occasional stinker in the mix to make us question those instincts.

Gibson Twins said...

I'm with you, Lindsay. I've spent enough mama hours on this to make my head spin. So now I'm going to reap the sweet reward that this awful situation has left me with: great new blogs to check out since I was bombarded with comments the last two days. But oh what a wonderful problem to have :)

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