Jun 14, 2009

If I had always done, what a little girl is told,
Life may look quite different now.
I ran my hands under the cold tap,
To feel something, anything else.
Simple things, can save you in a pinch,
but leave you to dry out.
If you don't have a cure, don't call
I can't take it lightly anymore.
The music soothes yet triggers.
I allow myself to be swayed,
by sounds and noise,
and ponder the differences.
I feel old and dry,
and out of pills.


angie said...

old, dry and out of pills sums it up today.

tomorrow. yay.


Lea said...

Thinking of you Lindsay. Beautiful words.

Jennifer Ross said...

praying for you...

Anonymous said...

(Hugs) - much love

Lynda said...

If only we did what we were told, but even when we did, the outcome wasnt gold.

Feeling old, I'm with you there. Where is the hair dye? Ugh, I see grey.

Larns said...

Beautiful words!!!
Love Larns