Aug 5, 2009

A few more peeks and a question...

These are a few more of the pictures I took.
Now, I have a question and I want you to answer honestly.
Are these photos good enough to go on an Etsy store website?
I must make do until October 12th, as I am getting an awesome camera then. I would like to start building my site, but not if I don't have good pictures of what I make.
Really, honestly, are the PICTURES good enough?
Anyway, leave me your opinion.
As a reminder, if you want to win one of these creatures, just post a comment in the post before this one and I'll announce the winner Saturday night.
Sound fun? I thought so.

I hope everyone has a good day. I must be off to take L.O. to her swimming lesson. (Her dad's girlfriend has a pool, and I just don't trust him to pay enough attention and not let her drown! How sad is that?) She's literally waiting on the porch right now.
I love you guys.
HaPpY 100th PoSt To mE!!!!!!


Tina said...

These are supe cute Lindsay!!! I think the quality of the pictures is good enough for etsy. Once you get your new camera, you can always go in and change out the photos. I sell on etsy too and I took a cardboard box, lined it with white construction paper and that is where I take all of my photos. (You can buy white boxes, but I made mine instead, if you want more info let me know.) Good Luck...etsy is lots of fun!!

angie said...

Those are gorgeous. I was going to comment on yesterday's post too, but time ran away from me. They are just so cute. I absolutely think the quality is good enough, and as Tina says, you can swap them out if you take some awesome shots later. Of course, they will be sold by then, so...Much love.

Lea said...

Lindsay - I agree, super cute!!

Happy 100 post - WOW.

Mary said...

These are very cute. I love that they are so tiny.

Penny said...

I like the ones of the bear and monkey with the penny. I would probably go with the one with the thimble for the lamb (in the giveaway post), just because I like the angle more and it shows the size better. They're all cute, though. =)
Now you're making jewelry?! You are so talented!