Aug 12, 2009

Past my bedtime...

It is late and my mind is still in high gear. I know I promised a picture of my latest thing I'm crafting. I'm SO sorry, I've just been busy. I don't know if I should post a contest or some giveaway as well. Probably just another 'name in the hat' (or bowl in my case) drawing on the commenters of the post in which I reveal my new yummy creations (yummy looking anyway;) Probably tomorrow.
I had an anxiety-ridden morning for no good reason. I took the lack of comments on my last post as a sign that a few of you thought I was in fact a bit off or perhaps shared too much information. I love the comments I've received, but miss hearing from a few of my regular commenters. Where'd you go? Was is something I said?
Things like tone and intention, do not always come across as planned in the typed word. I'm always afraid that the way I word this on that comment will somehow cause the receiving individual some confusion or misunderstanding. Or, many of you have been busy and this is only proof-positive that my brain has been on overdrive today.
As it began to get dark, and after dinner this evening, (my meatloaf and saffron rice..yum) we took Coraline and the 3-D glasses that came with the dvd, to my mom and dad's house and watched it on their large flat screen television. My mom had never seen 3-d before and has been looking forward to us bringing it. It was fun, but K was tired and I was hurting and L.O. wasn't terribly interested as she had already seen it and dislikes the few scary bits in it. Now everyone is in bed and it's getting later and later. I must try now, to and lay down and hope my brain will let my body rest.
Please leave a comment on this post. Even if it's just to let me know your around. I love hearing from everyone. All of your words just make me smile. I sincerely hope I do the same for you every now and again.

Sweet Dreams...


Mirne said...

About your last post, most people probably didn't know what to say. That's been my experience: if they don't know what to say, they say nothing. Or otherwise they just skipped a day of computer time. I guess not everyone is like us ... surfing the net for hours at a time :-)

Monique said...

I'm here and sending hugs. xo

Tina said...

Hi Lindsay...still here, still reading. As for your last post, you are unique and full of love, for K, LO and sweet Zoe. If others do not want to take the time to get to know you and see this, then it is their loss.

-clevergirl said...

I just wanted to tell you I am here, reading as usual, I usually don't comment though, since my mind has been in the grief pit more and more these days. Today I feel better though, and I wanted you to know you are always on my mind. You are a strong momma.


Jennifer Ross said...

You are a sweet girl! I feel the same way as you about my lack of comments sometimes. Sometimes I try to avoid writing something in my blog that may be taken the wrong way, and then I remind myself that it is my blog. If people don't like what you have to say, maybe there is some conviction in there soul, or way to much judgement on their part. Try not to worry about it. :)


Cheese Lady said...

I have been off most of the week and I am just cathing up on my blog fix today!!

Catherine W said...

I was on holiday without internet so I couldn't comment. I missed reading all my blogs.

But I have commented on your last post now. And I'm still here commenting on this one. xx

Anonymous said...

attention seeking behavior

JJB said...

I can't believe the "attention seeking behavior" comment!

Do people not get this is a site where moms can go and write whats on their minds to get it out safely, on a blog and maybe feel better for a while? These are friens! Friends talk among themselves and get feedback.

Do you not have friends that you tell about your day or problems?
If not, then I am sorry for you!!!

Please don't leave comments if there is not understanding in your heart!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mean people suck..