Aug 6, 2009

There's still time to..

leave a comment on my giveaway post and be entered to win one of my needle felted creatures. At the moment I'm making prototypes of my sweet new line of jewelry. I'm making three different sets (two for adults and one for the kiddies or adults like me that will wear whatever I think is cute).
I will sell pierced earrings, necklaces, bracelets and adjustable rings thrown in on the children's sets. I'm giving L.O. the first one. It will look so cute on her first day at school.
Sorry to leave you all in suspense again, but I like to drag out the details and then surprise you!

On another note,I've been trying NOT to think about Zoe's upcoming would-be birthday. I want another child so badly. I miss her so badly. My free time is bittersweet because I should have none. I should be watching my girl toddle and fall down and look precious in her cute hats and bows while imitating her big sister. I really miss that girl. I am so scared of trying again.
I'm sure some of you won't understand why I'm ttc before marriage. Honestly, I have put serious thought into this and decided (for many reasons, finances and credit for one) that we would go on and try regardless. We have a commitment to God. We have prayed knowing that God understands our situation, and we BOTH have peace about it.
The reasons we can't get married yet in my opinion has less to do with feelings(or we would have been married like yesterday) and more to do with sustaining ourselves and our financial security. For example I would lose my insurance and he would bring home less of his check if he had to put me on his insurance.
Basically, God knows our hearts and our situation and the way this world works. We have a commitment that we made to God, we've made it public, we just aren't able to put it on paper yet or I wouldn't get the health care I must have for a pregnancy with a good ending. Not to mention the fact that my doctors have advised against a pregnancy past thirty as I have a scarred and weak uterus from my full placental rupture with Zoe-Beth.

Anyway, this post is getting longer and longer. I really just wanted to remind everyone to get their comment in on my giveaway post. The winner will choose the animal they wish to receive and will be able to choose the colors they want from what I have available.
You guys have a great day...


Jennifer Ross said...

It's really hard to sit and think about what our children would being doing right now. I do it every single day. Yes, God is your judge, and knows you and K's hearts. Rest in His peace and love.


Mirne said...

It doesn't really matter what other people think? If you are in a committed relationship that's all that matters. And we all know that sometimes children don't come when "planned", so never put off till tomorrow what can be done today :-)

Lindsay said...

Thank you Mirne, and Jen. I expected a lack of comments on this one, but I didn't expect the comments I did get to be so sweet and understanding. Good luck to both of you. I pray you both bring home those babies that now fill your bellies...

linda may said...

I have had a read some of your story. I am so sorry this had to happen to you. Here is a big hug from me.
I had 2 miscarriages and my youngest was threatening the same fate but survived the early stages of pregnancy, it must have been so much worse for you. I still believe I am not over it, even though I have three adult children now, you always wonder what if. You are young, keep trying.
Motherhood was never easy for me and there were many times I questioned if I was doing a good job, but one day I realized I couldn't have done so badly after all when I looked at the people they have become.