Nov 10, 2009

My bags are packed, I'm almost ready to go...

This post was supposed to be long and insightful. Four loads of laundry, a load of dishes, taking Otis (the big red dog) to be kennelled for the next five days and getting Ivy to sleep and packing have taken it's toll on my 'brilliant' idea.
The only idea I have now is to try to keep my eyes open until I actually lay down, shortly.
I'm leaving again for Baton Rouge in the morning. I'm going to drive there, go eat on set with Kenny and then go back to his hotel room and sleep, maybe sleep some more.
Kenny says he feels this movie will be wrapping up sooner than expected. As far as I'm concerned they can't finish fast enough.
I've been hard at work on my home. I'm tired and I really need this break. I decided not to take my computer as I need a break from it ALL.
Here's to no cooking, cleaning or feeding. It will feel so good to only have to worry about taking care of me. You guys have a great weekend.
Sorry for the boring post. It's time for my head and my pillow to meet each other for the day. I'm exhausted.

Margaret, Lea and Holly, you guys are in my thoughts this week.


Anonymous said...

Lindsay, enjoy your well deserved break, get some rest for your body & soul and some love from your man. Hope there will be loads of sunshine!

Penny said...

Have fun and rest! I just left Baton Rouge yesterday. We had a kindergarten teacher's conference. Depending on which way you're going, you might be heading right through my little town. =)

Jennifer Ross said...

Have a wonderful time taking care of just you :O)

Lea said...

sounds blissful, my dear! Enjoy...... will be thinking of you.

margaret said...

Have fun honey, don't overdo it. Thanks for thinking of us this week...Hugging you

mrsrubly said...

i know you will have a great time. just some mom and dad time! boy i need to know what that is like. i live off of 1-10 in katy!! maybe just maybe we could meet up. i will pray for your safe trip i too have been without the net. i didn't know you were preggers! Congrats on that!!!