Nov 7, 2009

Today I may:

Get out of this white tank top that is not so white now that I've worn it for the last three days and take a damn bath.

Make my bed and do the dishes.

Cook something besides rice crispy treats, as I've devoured half of a pan already today.

Refuse to wear shoes all day and skip make-up. Except maybe some mascara, call me vain, but did you see up there where I've been in the same shirt for three days?

Try not to feel guilty over every little thing.

Play music very loudly for the next few hours.

See if my attitude will adjust itself if I quit focusing on it constantly and giving it little nudges and telling it to perk up.


Catherine W said...

Don't feel guilty sweet Lindsay. Do whatever you have to, this is going to be tough. Hard work physically and emotionally. So give yourself a break. Nobody can eat too many rice crispy treat thingies!
And I can't do without mascara either. xo

Jennifer Ross said...

I'll take the other half a pan of rice crispy treats:) yummy!

margaret said...

Ah stink, go take a bath already. Just kidding hon. I've been there too remember? I seem to remember you telling me to shave my legs and I would feel better and you know what, you were right! Who cares about rice krispy treats anyways, there's like negative calories in there if you're pregnant. LOL Wishing you love, peace and happiness

Angel Sophia's Mommy said...

You take as much time as you need... besides, we all need days where we do absolutely nothing at all except munch on sweets... man you make me want rice crispy treats now! LOL