May 1, 2009

Choosing to be happy...

I'm choosing this again today. I have L.O.'s field day in about an hour and a half, so this will be pretty quick.
I am getting things done today. I would like to have a date with K tonight. I have cheesecake cups to make for my mom and a mortgage to drop off the money for. There is a pregnant girlfriend to go visit, and groceries to buy.
I'm hoping K's friend will go away for at least the weekend, as with L.o. at her dad's I'm out numbered and I covet a little of his free time later today.
So I'm off for a bath and and attitude check and I'll tell you all about it later.
I hope ya'll have a great morning, day, night whatever it is wherever you are.
I'm off to field day!


Carly Marie said...

Your beautiful