May 29, 2009


My mom called yesterday and asked me to take an impromptu getaway with her. It was very short notice and at first thought, I was going to decline, bit decided to just go with the flow.
We're going to a Bed and Breakfast in a quaint little town called Jefferson, Texas. It's known for it's historical downtown and it's antique and specialty shops. (Actually the deciding factor, was when she said,"My treat". ha ha)
So, it's the next morning and I'm finding myself running late and feeling very excited. I've packed one thing and I'm not showered.
Oh well, time to get moving. I'm taking my camera and I plan to share my whole trip with you guys when I get back (Sunday). I know you can't wait, so I'll get going! I hope you all have a safe weekend. Love you guys!

P.s. I wanted to say right quick to those who requested photos of their children's names from wherever we were located, I plan to do that still. ;)


Anonymous said...

Have fun!

Penny said...

My cousin got married in Jefferson at one of those old places in the courtyard. It was really pretty! I didn't get to see much of the town, though. They live close to there and we were just there long enough for the wedding to take place. Have a good time!

Ruth said...

Hope that your time was refreshing and that you are doing well. Looking forward to reading more about your story and seeing more pictures. Love ya-