May 19, 2009

Thank you...

Jennifer, I have been thinking of you too. I still plan to e-mail you my number.
Mel, you'll see, one day I'll show up!
Natalie, you are in my thoughts as well. I was actually talking to my mom about you on Sunday.
Larns you are awesome. If I ever make it 'across the pond', you will be on my short list of people to visit ;)
Ruth, sweet lady, thank you for uplifting me. I always read your words and admire your honesty as well.
Angie, my kindred spirit, I hope you are well and feeling peaceful.
I love your haiku's and your art.
I think of you every time I see a garden gnome!
Linda, thank you for reading my blog lately and all of your kind comments. I wanted to let you know that K and Zoe's daddy are not the same person. K has no children.
I haven't had much of a relationship with Zoe's dad since I was six months pregnant.
The worst problem K and I have had was what I addressed in the last post. We were both stressed (and he was/is sick) and taking it out on each other.
We're much better and now he's on antibiotics and seems to be watching his health now.
Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. I love all of you guys!


Larns said...

Love you too babe!
Love Larns

Linda said...

Thank you for taking the time to clear up my misconceptions. I pray that your life will smooth out, and you will see what the Lord has for you. He is AWESOME and cares so much about each of us. I don't understand His ways, but He understands ours.

Have a wonderful day!

angie said...

We love you too, Linds!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are better. My mom has RA (and got it at 26) - it's not a fun disease. I've been thinking of you lots and sending you love!

Jennifer Ross said...

I just thought that you really needed to talk to someone that day. If you're not comfortable with giving out your number, I completely understand. No problem either way:)

margaret said...

Glad things are sorting themselves out, and that even though K is sick, he has you to take care of him. Just found the follow button on your blog today...I must have missed it the last few times I popped in. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet as always comments. Hugs to you, good to know you're feeling better.