Jul 1, 2009

A little low..

I see things in a very abstract manner. Those who would misunderstand believe I am eccentric and mean. I'm only very honest, and if you ask me a real question, I'm likely to give you a real answer. I'm not good at sugar coating. If you need an aspect of your life candied up and handed back to you...I am not your go-to girl.

I'm sitting in my bed surrounded by my paintings (all of my paintings spend a small stint hanging on my bedroom walls). K has gone off to work and L.O. is still asleep. I'm enjoying the cool of the morning before the thermometer reaches one-hundred outside. I'm not ready for this heat, it makes everyone edgy. This time of year makes your brain boil and people's ugly sides come around. Perhaps even mine
One of my oldest friends is giving birth Monday. She also happened to move into my neighborhood. We typically see each other everyday, but I'm about to have nothing in common with her. She's laboring at the hospital where Zoe died so I just can't go visit her. She'll soon be busy with a new baby and I'm sure I'll be spending more time alone. It's fine... really.

I really think I'll be alright if I don't have another baby. It looks like I have fertility issues for the first time in my life. Maybe that's a sign?
I need to start thinking of how I can entertain my daughter today. It's time for another cup of coffee for me and she will be needing breakfast. (Any one have any advice on how to curb talking back and argueing? That child can smell weakness.)
We will not be going to the beach this summer.

Did I mention my dog is pregnant too?

I can't escape

she's getting spayed


Jennifer Ross said...

My boys can get pretty LOUD! When I talk quietly and firmly, that usually lets them know that I mean business.

Sorry that life is really stressing you out lately. Hopefully things will calm down enough to be able to relax and enjoy life.

Penny said...

Yes, Louisiana heat is the WORST, but it cooled off yesterday afternoon here. Just enough to sit outside without sweat running down my hair! LOL
I, also, am very candid--- not intentionally cruel, but my MIL is extremely sensitive and will ask my opinion on something--- then pull the "hurt" card on me and try to pull the "guilt" card, too. I may be too honest, but for 20 years I have told her if she really doesn't want an honest answer or her son to know something--- talk to someone else. I have no secrets between my husband and myself--- and I am going to give my honest answer if asked a direct question! So, it's been a battle forever with her. It usually doesn't bother anyone in my family, because we're all the same and the ones that aren't are smart enough to know me by now. ha
Don't change to become a people pleaser--- it's not my style either. But do try to be gentle with your opinions. I do try--- but about one week a month, people really need to avoid the heavy "push button" issues with me. LOL
Your friend will understand about the hospital issues you have. Enjoy her baby with her when she gets home. =)

Anonymous said...


bir said...

You are welcome at my new blog, Lindsay x

Anonymous said...

Here with you, no matter how you feel. xo

Lynda said...

*hugs* my friend. Walking right next to you.

Lea said...

Hey Linds - you are beautiful just the way you are. Honest and to the point are strong traits to have, especially in this world. Stand up for you believe in and stand up for yourself.

Love to you.