Jul 11, 2009

I'm around...

I'm sorry I haven't been posting as regularly. I've had some blah days, and done nothing terribly interesting. I started a new little hobby, pictures coming soon (If I manage to get a new camera;) It keeps my hands busy and my mind lost in tiny details in needle pricks.
It is HOT here. To go outside is to break a sweat. The air conditioner hums away, fighting a losing battle.
K has left to help a friend move furniture and I'm at home, alone, like usual. I do enjoy being alone more than most, so what ever.
I have been reading every one's new posts, but I am behind. So If you've missed a comment from me, it may just be late.
Lucy had her puppies. They are adorable. I feel guilty, as I know that there are lots of dogs without homes. It's a little late now though and I'm sure I can find homes for them. They are precious.
I don't have much else to say. I just wanted to say hello, and I'm still here. You guys have a great day. Leave a comment and say hello!


Tina said...

Hi Lindsay,
Just wanted to say hi and let you know I am thinking of you!!

Penny said...

Glad you're back. =)
When are we going to see your new hobby? I'm assuming it's something terribly creative! =)

Lindsay said...

he he ;) you'll see. It's actually pretty silly/cute

Catherine W said...

Hello :)
Glad you are alright.
Also curious about this new hobby. I do cross-stitch and I'm always stabbing myself with the needle. x

Larns said...

Hi girl,
can't wait to see the new hobby :) i'm thinking of taking up scrap-booking..look forward to seeing some more of your awesome artwork!
Love Larns

angie said...

Hi, Linds,
Totally looking forward to seeing your beautiful new hobby...with love.

Lindsay said...

Angie, It's so assuring that you already assume it's beautiful. sweet lady..