Jul 24, 2009

I'm off soon..

Lately I really have had an anxious feeling. All the things I believed were the cause have resolved themselves. Due to this, I have been losing myself in tiny little stitches and soft and fuzzy wool and mohair and tiny ingredients for a miniature world.
I'm leaving in a few hours to go with L.O. and my mother back to the bed and breakfast we stayed at last month.
I'm dreamy and anxious (don't ask me how that works) and pondering what will be on television when I am old. I picture interviews with the Jon & Kate kids about having to grow up on television and commercials for Virgin Galactic plus their competition' commercial screaming about cheaper 'space fair'.
Wow, I'm letting my crazy hang all out today.
Maybe A short drive and some antique stores will help put things into perspective.
You guys have a nice weekend..
Love Lindsay


Jennifer Ross said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

have a great weekend!

Lynda said...

I remember the pics you posted of that place, it was beautiful. I be LO will LOVE it! :) Have fun my friend!