Jul 13, 2009

My first giveaway!

I've never done a giveaway, but I'm so inspired by your curiosity that I'm going to do it. So, you see the picture above?
I'm sure you've already realized it is a picture of one of my new creations. I'm trying not to make this too easy, so you may have to do a little research.
If you can guess what kind of fiber craft technique I am learning, I will send you a creation of your choice (I will outline the details to the winner..)!
Come on, you're not even a little excited?!
I promise that all of the recipients of my little critters so far, have been very pleased. Leave your guesses in the comments!
Have fun..Lindsay

(I will also be doing a contest type thingie for my 100th post)


Cheese Lady said...

my guess is felting! it felt right saying that

angie said...

ooo, is it needle felting? i have no idea how to do that, but i have a number of needle felted etsy purchases. love.

margaret said...

I have no idea because I'm the least artistic or crafty person ever but it looks like a sweet little kitty...Hugs

Lindsay said...

It's a bunny! I'll post the whole picture later. I'm off to Hobby Lobby for a few things to make Angie and Cheese Lady some little felted critters!
Ok, contest is over.
(Cheese lady, would you be so kind as to e-mail me with your address and preference of animal? I can do sheep, bunnies, teddy bears, etc...)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see them!

Lindsay said...

Margaret, Monique, e-mail me your addresses. I just can't help but include you guys...

Cheese Lady said...

oh how fun!! i have never won any contests on blogs before!!
Peggy Pride
258 n main st
Juneau wi, 53039

my daughter is a monkey freak, i could use a mouse or a cow here in my store! lol what ever you like.
make sure to include a return address!!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Peggy! I'll probably do a mouse for you if that's ok?!

Cheese Lady said...

thats cool!! Cheese stores need mice to keep inventory down lol